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Taking a Quick Peek at Djanbung Gardens

A couple of days ago I had opportunity to briefly visit Djanbung Gardens, which is just outside the infamous little village of Nimbin, in NSW’s Nothern Rivers region. I thought I’d tag along and so you guys can take a peek..

Djanbung Gardens is the host site for Erda Institute Incorporated, a Permaculture training centre. The site and training centre were established in 1993 by one of Australia’s best known Permaculturists, Robyn Francis. Robyn has worked hard to make Djanbung gardens a good example of Permaculture in action, and although I was visiting in the dead of Winter, and only stopped by for a couple of hours, the design aspects of the site spoke volumes. I’d like to visit again when I have more time – perhaps in the Spring or Summer, when the growth phase is in full swing.

Robyn was working internationally when I visited, but Janelle Schafer, Erda’s head tutor and administrator, kindly volunteered to show me around. Here are a few photos to give those who haven’t had opportunity to visit Djanbung Gardens a bit of a glimpse of the site.

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Rosina Buckman – Living Smart on the Sunshine Coast

Photos © Craig Mackintosh

Rosina Buckman tells me she’s 72 years old. She looks honest enough, so I’ll take her at her word, but her youthful spirit and energetic stride did give me a moment of pause. And more than that – her urban homestead was overflowing with clear evidence of passionate and fruitful labours that belie her age. I’m not the only one that’s impressed either, as the Sunshine Coast Council have just presented Rosina with one of their 2009 Living Smart awards – she’s their ‘Edible Landscape Winner’.

Rosina, a New Zealander by birth, lives in Tewantin, a small suburb on the fringes of Noosa – a tourist hot-spot on the Sunshine Coast in south-east Queensland. This is a land of ululant lorikeets and cackling kookaburras. The bird life in particular seem intoxicated with life, and nature in general seems jubilant – either optimistic, or just plain carefree, in the face of all we humans are throwing at it.

And we are throwing a lot at it.

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